praying for the families of the Las Vegas victims:

Such sadness on this day 10/2/2017 shooting and killing of so many people .

Just out for a concert and fun and now they won’t return home to their families .  Take the time out today to tell your family that you love them and give them a hug. 

We take a moment of silence for these families such a senseless killing.


what going on in the world Today?

Hello and I’m back to speak about what’s going on in our world Today?

Now as you look around it’s not enough love in our world today.  we have so much hated in our hearts no more neighborly love, we losing so many of our young people each and everyday.

We’re fighting in the work place at grocery stores even in our shopping malls, our schools , and it sometimes make you think what’s really going on in our society today.

Listen come join me in the conversation about what’s going on in the world today and let’s figure how we may contribute to help with solving issues and joining  me on my blog to start a women walk in love program.




How to express our love to the younger generations:

Over the years I’ve learned that it’s not always about yourself sometimes God show us how to help others.

And what that mean  it’s always someone else much worst off than you.

now I’m not perfect but i know this much i do have the God kind of heart.  I have always found in my spirit to help someone even if it’s the first time meeting a person help was always apart of my daily agenda.

As you look around today it’s all about SELF)  and it has become a problem when people see things happening and people prefer to take out a camera phone and record  instead of dialing 911 .  or record it on social media .

Please join me in this conversation by leaving your comments about this post and joining me in my work shop women helping people.