How to express our love to the younger generations:

Over the years I’ve learned that it’s not always about yourself sometimes God show us how to help others.

And what that mean  it’s always someone else much worst off than you.

now I’m not perfect but i know this much i do have the God kind of heart.  I have always found in my spirit to help someone even if it’s the first time meeting a person help was always apart of my daily agenda.

As you look around today it’s all about SELF)  and it has become a problem when people see things happening and people prefer to take out a camera phone and record  instead of dialing 911 .  or record it on social media .

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what you should know as black women

Black women have become accustomed to hearing negative statistics about their finances, health and marriageability, but there is one statistic that has improved dramatically. According to recent reports, Black women are going to jail much less, while white women’s incarceration rates have skyrocketed. The Washington Post reports: The U.S. imprisonment rate has been declining for…

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