when your world is upside down

I’ve found out that over the years life can be more upside down at times,  When it seems nothing is going right when people look at you as if you’re invisible and all you can do is ask God why and what’s going on .  I often wonder why people don’t treat you as you treat them .  I came to know that it doesn’t work that way people will use you to there advantage and drop you like hot pot in your hand.  But I’ve grown to know that when people meant something for bad God will turn that into good.  And now growing in spirit and in God’s word I know that the world hasn’t change, because people in the world today is more interested in things than life itself and will sell you out for silver and gold . It’s the way of living these days with some people I won’t say all.  But if you don’t have anything to offer them people find that you are no use to them.  It’s really a very say time in this world when we put thing over our God.  Due  to the fact the bible tells us that we can’t serve two masters.  This message is for the believers .  Well that has change even with the people that suppose to be doing God’s will.  I’m praying for this nation we loosing our elders our children to crimes and it’s getting worse everyday. But I say to God’s people we have to come together and pray for our children’s because they are our future.    If you are in agreement with this message.   ( leave your comment please .)


When Children speak out on Racism

I was watching new this morning and i heard that a boy and wrote a letter to another black boy .  It was a letter of racism and the black boy spoke on the channel 5 news this morning,  The young boy stated that racism is in the old days we are cutting it down meaning we are going to friends regardless what the older generation with racism says,  Now I’ve been saying for years to my family and other people that this day will come when children do not see color they only know friend regardless of the color.  This old time racism is coming from generation back and our children today is not standing with them anymore .  We are now seeing children teens young adult’s that thinking for themselves and not trying to buy into the world with generations Of hated that’s still going on to with people still  living with hated in their heart and won’t let go and still trying to store it in their grandchildren now and great grand children and as we can see  it’s not working with the children in this society today.  ( join me on this conversation leave me a message and let’s start talking now_).                                                      

Negative Energy

Have anyone experience a real negative feeling when you in different environment and it seems like people are there with evil spirits . Over times I’ve experience some spirits just make you aware  to watch yourself.  Now that happen in my life and I’ve still remain with my humbleness. but I know that is not my spirit and I never allowed it to affect me, But I get with my God and plead  his precious blood over the situation and I’m good.

We have to learn how discernment to know at these times.  Because if not you find yourself stepping outside of your self and that person evil spirit now has you in the same mood they were in all the time.

I’m learning more everyday this day and time meditating the mind giving the mind a time to rest from everyday issues is a must do thing.  And I’ve found that when I don’t take time to meditate I find myself allowing that negative spirit in my space.

   I’ve made up my mind that i must keep my humbleness and not allow nothing and nobody to cross into my space with negative energy because I know now it’s toxic and I don’t need it.  I’ve been told that I wasn’t the same but I’m the same I’m not wasting my life anymore on people that couldn’t see me for who I am and not respecting me as a person so I froze the world out of my life. and I’m happier now that I’ve done that.  Now if any one reading this article can relate leave me a message.                                                                                                               




These are the times with more evil spirits

I’ve notice more and more people in the world today has turned to the darkness and just refuse to walk in the light.  I’ve done research and found that we have people today that has put things over their families over their own way of thinking and now want everything right now.  I found that people don’t want to work for anything but rather take it or even kill for it and I also found out that some people today want someone else life.  You hear people boosted about other people life style as if they want that person’s life .  It is a sad day when people rather hate more than to  love.  Now this only says to me that we must start with the children showing them that it’s a better way.   Because we as the parents sister brothers that are older must start this family example of love not hate now.


















Are you walking in the light or in the darkness ?

Love or hate you’re walking In

Now this would be the time in history break this family curse and start loving and caring for family and friends and even neighbors.

We now as a nation need more love now more than ever. As you know when killing arise in the Church something is very wrong , And when our youths are dying more at a early age and not living pass 21 its something very wrong with this picture.

Now let’s start the conversation about this topic leave me a message on how we may speak out and find a solution to this is issue. (leave your comment)