When you over fifty and still going strong!

Well we’re seeing more and more women over fifty that aging gracefully .  It’s a beautiful thing when we see women at the age of 80 looking like there fifty years of age and I  was told the new 60 year is the new  40 it marvelous darling when you reach this age and life has  been good  to you to still look beautiful and have the grace and dignity along with it.

I must say that our younger  women must continue this beautiful marvelous gracious moment in life to take care of themselves and cherish everyday by making themselves beautiful inside out.  Getting the proper rest, and really  taking care of themselves. as you  know we must love ourselves first and cherish what God have blessed us with and taking care of our bodies at a young age and  the body will take care of you in your  golden and beautiful years to come.

We as women must start early in life honoring the body and  not letting anything nor anybody abuse our bodies under no circumstances allowing to be abuse nor any thing that will hinder you while aging .

It’s simple marvelous to see women of today growing older and looking younger .






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