It’s time for IL. to stand up for the gun laws that’s putting guns in the wrong hands.

Hello I’m back and I’m living in IL. and the streets of Chicago is not safe anymore. Our children are dying our future doctors, lawyer, teachers, fireman, policeman’s, next president, judges, nurse’s , congressman, etc….

We here in IL. are fed up with the killing of children that is growing more and more everyday of the week, people have got to the point they don’t want to watch the news anymore, It’s the first thing you hear when you now turn on the news and it breaks your heart to know that another precious child has died or been hurt.

By this senseless killing of innocent babies,children, teenager, and even adults  are dying in this senseless killing in the Chicago land  are.

It’s time for everyone in these neighborhood’s to start talking with the police when they know  the person that done  these shooting in there neighborhood.

It’s time to stand up and speak out now to save our children.

Leave your message let’s find out what each and everyone of us can do.







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