God’s people stand with Isreal?

We as God’s people must stand with his word in proverbs 27:28 .    He that helps the poor shall never lack.   Our hearts thoughts, blessings, seeds should focus on doing what his word tell us in the bible.    lift up Isreal in there times of need and praying to our heavenly father for mercy and grace daily to continue walking in God’s love and caring hearts each and everyday .  It’s about lifting one another up and walking in the love of our heavenly father .

Times in which were living in are the times of test trails and walking by faith not by sight, giving honor to our most high God the God of Abraham Issac and Jacob.   The God that says in his word I will never leave you nor forsake you the God that said come ye all that are heavy laden the God that says trust in me with all your heart and go on to say have faith in God and whosoever shall say to the mountain be thou removed and not doubt in there heart but believe those thing which he saith shall come to pass. the same God that says forgive and it shall be forgiven you ask and it shall be given unto you the God that says all your needs are met according to his riches in glory by Christ Jesus Yeshua.  Our father which is in heaven my comforter when i need a comforter my doctor when i need a doctor my teacher when i need a teacher my everything i found in my Lord and Savor Yeshua aka Jesus Christ.






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