what are we teaching our children Today?

As we look around today with children growing up in families where children are getting the down falls of there parent’s lives.

Our children are growing up before there time.  And the adults are slowly becoming the children in place of  being the parent’s . Children are more knowledgeable of many things that children shouldn’t  be informed on until later in there lives, some parents are treating children if they were another adult, And we find this behavior  is becoming more and more with children in today’s society.


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11 thoughts on “what are we teaching our children Today?

  1. diamond

    Now days we have the outside system telling us how to raise your children and in some stated you can go to jail for spanking your children. But in my house with my son and daughter they know that I talk first the next time will be a spanking to let them know I’m serious and this must start at home.


  2. Cynthia

    more and more families are falling apart you now have one parent in the home and at times no parents discipline there children at all the children run the household,


  3. Debbie

    parents in this society are to focus on everything but parenting there children.
    So that leaves the children to fend for themselves.


  4. Jackie

    I have two children and married to a wonderful man and we both know how important for children to have both parents in there lives. Now with some families that have one parent and that parent must work . If the children are not being discipline or having a good care giver while the parent is working this is what happen children are fending for themselves .


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