Are you setting goals for yourself ?

I find that it is so important to set goals for ourselves.  It gives you something to reach  for on a daily basis.  Because we need to have something in life that we’re trying to do and goals we trying to reach and that could delay a lot of wasted time that we spend on people in general.  Some times people only suppose to be in our lives for a moment and we find ourselves focusing on matters that was non beneficial to  us in the first place.

And then we find ourselves wasting time on matter that meant nothing in our lives and stop focusing on our goals.

Leave me a comment on how you are setting your goal.



11 thoughts on “Are you setting goals for yourself ?

  1. First thing first, I prayed about my goals. Once I prayed about my goals I mapped out my plans to accomplish my goals. Now that I know what my goals are, I doing what’s necessary to accomplish them. I’ve had minor setbacks, but nothing has stopped me or discouraged me to give up.


  2. Latricia Williams

    I wholeheartedly agree with setting goals for yourself. True story: I not too long ago, realized that I was stuck in a boring non-fulfilling pattern. I would get up in the morning, go to work for 8 hours, come home, watch TV for like three or four hours, and then go to bed. The things I would watch on the (IDIOT BOX) were ignorant entertaining programs, such as The real housewives of Atlanta, Mob Wives, and other fake reality shows. When I would socialize with others, I could tell you everything about the characters on these shows, but didn’t know anything about the real issues our society was faced with, like Racism in the black community, political corruption in the state of Illinois, and other very important things that I should be aware of that is literally effecting my everyday life. I thought to myself, why am I watching these people live their lives, and my life isn’t where it need to be?
    I decided that I needed to start mapping out my life plan, so I can do the things I want to do. I set goals for myself, and began to make steps towards reaching them. I encouraged everyone, to map out short and long term goals, and approaches to how these things can reach. It feels so good to be able to scratch things off your goal list that your have accomplished.


    1. Thank you so very much for your comment I love it and that TV watching I’m going to blog about that also i really thank you for your comment I will show yours at my event I’m having next month, thanks again for supporting my blog


  3. Audrey

    Hi and yes goals are so important it gives you the sense of direction in your life and I’ve accomplish a lot of my goals and still going strong. Thank Jacqueline for this topic and I love your blog keep doing what you’re doing


  4. Ida

    I’m the mother of four girls and they started setting goals since they were younger and a lesson learned from there Mom it’s so important to set goals for yourselves.

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  5. Rita

    This comment is on where is the love well some women don’t have a clue about respect love and many other thing because they never been love and maybe was in a house whole of hate not love and that’s why they can’t related to anything else.

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