Today’s Topic why are people so filled with hate

As we look around this world it is so much hate bitterness.  And why is it so much killing in this world today.  Well as you know the devil comes to steal kill and destroy and that’s what the enemy is doing to families, marriages, our children and the bible tells us that these days would come.

Now in the bible it says that this day would come.  Now as far as this hated I believe that some people are raised to hate another nationality from the time they can talk and it’s very sad when you were raised to hate someone for there skin color but ,this is allowed for  there children and there children’s children to carry that pattern through out of generations. And this is why it’s still a racial barrier in this world Today. This racial barrier has to be stopped with the eldest in it’s generation and down to the youngest in that generation in order for this to stop.  Now for the black generation this black on black crime this has to stop as well mothers got to start a new cycle with the children and the fathers as well.  We now have single mother’s that’s not stepping up to raise better children Because some of them didn’t have parents in there lives and this cycle is constantly repeating  over and over if you wasn’t taught nothing you can’t give nothing in most cases. And it’s happening over and over And all of this will continue until it stopped at the root of every problem. Because as you know every problem has a root.


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